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Saturday, March 6, 2021

How long does a soft tissue injury take to heal in a dog

 If you run with your dog, there is a good chance that he will hurt himself at least a few times in his life.

Whether minor or severe, it is always troubling to see that your dog is injured. Be sure to see a veterinarian regularly. In addition, if you walk with your dog, it is good to see an osteopath every 3 to 6 months. Even if everything seems to go for the better. Here are some of the most common dog injuries in can-cross.


There are a number of injuries that can affect your dog's paws. Most of them will cause lameness. The severity of lameness usually tells you if you need to see a veterinarian immediately. After an examination, the veterinarian can recommend X-rays.

Your dog may have a soft tissue injury in the paw (tension or tension on a muscle). This often happens when your dog lands badly after jumping or exaggerating during the race. Treatment usually involves medication and rest. More severe soft tissue injuries may require surgery.

Burns and blisters

Your dog's pads can easily burn and blow when walking on a warm sidewalk or in hot sand. The best thing you can do is apply an antibacterial wash and cover the paw with a bandage until the tampon is healed. The dog must be put to rest after consultation with a veterinarian.

Dry and cracked bearings

Your dog's pads are naturally rough. You have to run and spin fast, sprint fast and stop fast in this way. If the pads tear, you will probably collect dirt, which can further damage the leg. The Pads can be moistened with a special cream.


Lameness can be caused by a fracture of one or more bones in the legs or paws. Larger fractures and joint dislocations usually seem quite obvious. However, smaller fractures may not be as clear, especially hair root fractures that affect small bones or bones that do not carry much weight. A fracture is treated by stabilizing/immobilizing broken bones. This can be achieved by placing a rail or plaster. Surgery may be required. A dog can break its leg as a result of a bad landing during a race.

Cruciate ligament injury

Cruciate ligament injuries are one of the most common injuries in cani cross dogs. The cross is a stabilizing band of the knee. If it breaks or otherwise injures itself, it causes pain and instability. Most dogs lift their paw and do not want to put it down when the cruciate ligament is affected. 

Only a veterinarian can determine if your dog has a problem with the knees. Dogs almost always need surgery to repair the torn ligament.


It is not uncommon for active dogs to cut themselves. An injury may occur after a dog walks on a sharp object, such as a nail. Dogs often have injuries to the paw after stepping on glass, sharp stones, metal or other hazards. In some cases, the material is incorporated into the paws or between the toes.

The broken claw

In the same way, as cuts and scratches occur, dogs can also break a claw. It is often painful for the dog and can cause bleeding. To avoid these types of injuries, it is advisable to cut your dog's claws regularly if they prove to belong.

Age-Related Injuries

Your dog's muscles help drive him into the race. These muscles need healthy bones, joints, ligaments, and connective tissue. Osteoarthritis is caused by the destruction of the cartilage that protects the bones that form a joint. The destruction of cartilage can be the result of stress caused by aging. Therefore, it is very important to check regularly whether your aging dog is healthy enough to let it run and avoid injury.

Avoid injuries

Of course, it is best to do everything possible to avoid injuries as far as possible when exercising with your dog. For this it is useful and even necessary to consult your veterinarian and osteopath regularly several times a year.

Also check them if:

Your dog is injured

before and after a competition

if your dog does not act as usual

And insurance in all this?

Maintaining the health of your dog is an effort that should not be neglected. Many competitors have taken over their care from the insurance company. The insurance allows the owner, if his pet has a health problem or is a victim of an accident, to be reimbursed for veterinary expenses up to the formula he has chosen. You can also compare pet insurance on the Website: insurance comparison .

With insurance, in many cases, you can't worry about future expenses to take care of your dog. Also, remember that you are the best person to watch your dog and find out if he is doing well!

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