BrainTrainingforDog: what can i give my dog thats afraid of fireworks

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

what can i give my dog thats afraid of fireworks

 Many of us who have dogs are not enthusiastic about fireworks as much as others. Dog + fireworks often do not go together. We know that our dog is hiding under the table, barking for an hour or trembling with fear. Many dogs are afraid of fireworks. You don't have to look for a logical or evolutionary explanation. Fear is often illogical, triggered by an imagined or real threat. How can you help your dog fight this fear?

Prevent anxiety

First, if you have a puppy that hasn't seen the fireworks or a dog that isn't afraid, take this opportunity to make a positive connection between loud noises and positive rewards. Fear can develop in life, especially with unpleasant experiences. Link sounds loud as thunder, pot falls to the floor, door slamming with a positive reward. Create artificial conditions or use natural conditions to treat the dog, praise or start a game when loud noises are present. Veterinary behaviorists can help your dog to dispel this fear by counter-conditioning.

How does counterconditioning work?

For example, I am afraid of spiders. However, if I get 5 euros every time I see a spider, my fear will certainly decrease or I will even anticipate and wait to discover a spider. The same applies to dogs. You can buy a cd with scary sounds that you can use if you desensitize and a positive association for your dog. Do not forget that buying CDs does not work. You need to make a connection between a creepy Sound and a pleasant experience. This requires time and many repetitions.

A night with dog + fireworks

On the eve of the New Year, do not leave your dog alone. If you are unable to stay, perhaps your grandmother, the neighbor can stay with your dog. Friends in need are indeed friends. Close the windows, turn on music to reduce the noise of the dog's fireworks. We do not recommend taking your dog outside. If you do, make sure you leave your dog on a leash, even if you are in a village with no traffic. In a moment of fear, the dog could run away.

Comfort your dog

There is a popular misconception that you should not comfort a dog when he is afraid. Which is inaccurate. If your dog is looking for attention from you, be gentle, calm your dog, play a game, serve dinner or just put your hand on your friend. If the dog does not approach them and hides, it is better to leave him there. Everyone confronts overwhelming emotions differently. If the dog wants to hide, do not force the proximity. If you see your dog yawning or avoid eye contact as soon as you approach, let him. Anxiety can cause your dog to behave unexpectedly or even aggressively.

Products against fear

If your dog has serious problems, it is helpful to consult your veterinarian to discuss other ways to help your dog. There are soothing collars, tablets, drops of natural herbal ingredients or even pheromone-like substances that soothe dogs in stressful situations.

So, no matter what your dog is afraid of – fireworks, vacuum cleaners, umbrellas, etc. be with your dog, play a game, give you delicious treats, remove them from the situation if possible. Be a good friend do not leave your dog in fear. Good associations or distractions slowly dissolve the fear and let your dog enjoy The New Year's Eve party a little more than a year earlier.

The Dogo Team wishes you a happy new year, relaxed and beautiful.

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